Hi, my name is Martijn Onderwater and welcome on my homepage! I work in the data domain, and I have a wide range of interests: processes, algorithms, data management, wooden ship models, and fantasy books – just to name a few. I’m endlessly curious, and I enjoy learning new things. I also coach (aspiring) young professionals in the data domain in finding and forming a fun job. Many people helped me with that in the past, so I try to return the favor to the next generation. Originally, my background is in mathematics, having completed two Masters and a PhD. I also worked several years as software developer, and most recently as a (Lead) Data Scientist. In technical terms, my work- and scientific experience covers machine learning, internet of things, blockchain, reinforcement learning, and software architecture. For details on my career, see LinkedIn.

In recent years I have increasingly applied my non-technical talents and interests. I enjoy coaching people, organizing events and meetups, giving presentations for large audiences, spotting business opportunities from a data perspective, advising strategic management, and translating a mission/vision to concrete operational projects. With so many fun and interesting skills at my disposal, I regularly found myself stretched to my limits at work. That sparked an ongoing search into my personal motivating factors: ‘what gives me energy?’, ‘what do I find important in life?’, etc.

When you browse this website, you’ll notice the mixture of technology and personal development that I mentioned above. If you have any feedback, or would like to talk about a shared interest, feel free to get in touch. I’m always open for meeting up and drinking a coffee. The best way is to connect on LinkedIn. Besides the interests mentioned above, I read a lot of fantasy books (check my profile on Goodreads), and build wooden model ships (for instance, this model of the Amerigo Vespucci).