I enjoy working with like-minded people. The list of values (I’m not sure if that is the right word) below is what I work towards and from every day. Based on these, we can inspire each other to do great things!

Honesty. I find that staying close to myself feels best. I’m open about successes and failures, actively looking for feedback, and reflect on my own behavior. I tell people when I’m happy (or unhappy), and I’m honest about my strengths and weaknesses. This helps in building meaningful relationships with the people around me, and getting the most out of myself.

People come first. I’ve been a technical guy for quite some time, interested in things like processes, machine learning, and mathematics. After a few years I discovered that these elements are just tools for me. In the end, what matters most is the people around me: my family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. When working on a project with colleagues, the cooperation with them and jointly achieving a result is what gives my energy.

Trust. I enjoy obtaining a helicopter view, and observing and understanding how large, complex structures work. In order to add value to these structures, I need a team of people with me. I don’t have all the skills necessary to get the work done, nor do I have the time. In a team, each member has its role and I believe that we require trust to be an effective team: trust in each others abilities, trust to work towards a common goal, and trust that we help each other when needed.

Creativity. Solving complex business problems is not a straightforward process. Life is messy, and throws us curveballs now and then. At such time, I find it important to look at a problem from all angles, together with the people around me. It’s important to consider obvious solutions, wild ideas, and everything in between. Sometimes this requires time: I have my best ideas in the train, whilst taking a shower, or when drinking coffee.