Career coaching for data professionals

Many people have helped me in the past with work-related challenges, so I like to return the favor and help others who are struggling with their career. I work in the dynamic world of Data Science and AI, so I focus my efforts on people from that field (for instance, data engineers, machine learning engineers, data scientists, data analysts), or people wanting to get into it. Usually I help starters and young professionals, but I also enjoy sparring with mid-career seniors like myself. Also, expats seeking access to the Dutch market contact me regularly. I have an extensive network, and I enjoy talking to people from both the data domain and outside. As a result. I’m up to date on current trends, tools, players, and viewpoints.

If you’re interested, then reach out at, or connect via LinkedIn. I’m looking forward to it!

Did I mention that it is free? I only ask that you also help others when you get the chance.

Common questions I encounter

  • Should I work for a small company, or a large one?
  • Should I work as a consultant, or be part of an in-house team?
  • What companies are active in my area of expertise?
  • Which role should I take? Data Engineer? Machine Learning Engineer? Data Scientist? Data Analyst? etc.
  • How can I best find vacancies?
  • How can I compare job offers? (hint: it’s more difficult than just comparing gross salary)
  • I want to work as a Data Scientist, but I’m cleaning data all the time.
  • I’m a software developer, and the Data Scientists in my team don’t understand what it means to produce a mature IT product.
  • I’m a Data Scientist, but I seem to be giving presentations most of the time. What do I do?
  • I want to work with algorithms, but I’m mostly making dashboards. Is that normal?
  • I want to move from Data Analysis into Data Science. How do I proceed?
  • I want to move from Software Engineering to Data Engineering. Is that possible?
  • I’m in meetings all day. Is that normal?
  • Should I focus on technology, or move towards a business-oriented role?


Expats typically approach me with specific questions regarding the Dutch job-market in data:

  • Where do I look for vacancies in The Netherlands?
  • What is the maturity level of company X?
  • What are current trends in data and AI?
  • What networking events can I visit?


Martijn is very easy-going and patient. He provides me with lots of resources. Meanwhile, he encourages me to try, to take the initiative to get feedback and adjust myself, which makes me more confident and motivated.

Anonymous, student

Door zijn kennis en ruime werkervaring heeft Martijn mij geholpen bij het uitstippelen van een vervolgtraject. De gesprekken zijn nuttig en brengen nieuwe inzichten. Kortom: zeker aan te bevelen.

Anoniem, starter

Martijn kindly agreed to help me with my career development. I wanted to know if I’m competitive on the Netherlands market, what median salary I can expect, and how to improve my current resume, LinkedIn, and CV. He provided all the answers during the call and thorough comments on my resume after it. Because of that, I became more confident on the interviews and reached stages that I hadn’t reached before. I really appreciate what he has done for me and wish him luck in his personal journey as well.

Ivan, professional