Soul Searching #5: flow

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Hi there, and welcome to another episode of my introspective story. This is part 5, and the other parts are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Values
  3. Energy
  4. Intuition

Today I’m going to talk about ‘flow’. For me, ‘flow’ is that mental and physical state where everything seems to happen automatically. I’ve experienced it when riding my bicycle, where I suddenly realized that I traveled a long distance without noticing. I still encounter it now and then in other situations, for instance when I’m building one of my ship models.

At some point in time, I came to realize that I seldom experienced ‘flow’ at work. Sometimes it happened when I was giving a presentation, but that’s about it. Previously, I talked about ‘energy’ and ‘intuition’, where I came to a similar realization. 

When I first noticed the lack of ‘flow’ around me, I was fortunate enough to have experience with the topic ‘energy’ and ‘intuition’. Right away, I suspected that I would not be able to force ‘flow’ around me, nor was it as absent as I thought it was. So I did an experiment. I was (am?) considering working as startup coach, helping founders grow their company, their culture, their team, and themselves. Now, I did not have the experience for such a role at all, nor did I have a network in that domain. I decided to simply be active in the domain on LinkedIn, by following organisations and people, and by posting content relevant to that domain. Within a short while, I noticed that LinkedIn was picking up on the pattern, by observing the content on my timeline, the suggested vacancies, and the audience of my posts. Within a few weeks, the first vacancy for a startup coach was suggested.

Now you can argue that this is is not related to ‘flow’, and I may agree with you. But it did set me thinking that ‘flow’ is more likely to occur if I create the right atmosphere around me. If I’m active in a positive community, with inspiring people and stories, then ‘flow’ will most likely start returning to my life. It is something that requires attention and nourishment, just like I mentioned when discussing ‘intuition’. So I’m applying that now in various aspects of my life: talking to fellow ship modelers, writing blog posts on personal development, visiting webinars on startups, helping people on LinkedIn, etc. Let’s see what happens.

Another thought I have, is that ‘flow’ is related to ‘creativity’. To be precise, I suspect I am way more creative when I am ‘in the flow’. But since I seem to have forgotten to pay attention to either one in recent years, this remains to be seen in the future.

Upon reflection, this post turned out a bit more messy then I expected. I’m probably just overthinking things. All in all, I think that the topics of the past posts (energy, intuition, flow, and let’s add ‘creativity’) are similar manifestations of the same underlying problem: I’ve been neglecting a non-rational part of me. I’m working on it!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If you have thoughts, ideas, or comments, feel free to post them here. I’m also reachable on LinkedIn, of course. See you next time!

water flowing from a glass bottle
Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash