I’ve been building stuff all my life. It started out with plastic airplanes, miniature houses, and ships. At age 18 I decided to try building a wooden shipmodel. The Neeltje Jacoba was my first project, and I liked this type of work a lot. I found it much more challenging than working with plastic. When the Neeltje was finished I bought another Constructo kit, this time of the Mayflower. This provided a real learning steep curve, especially when planking the hull. I took me a good 4 years to build, but the result was pretty nice. Next up was the Dutch Whaler, from a kit by Sergal. This ship never existed, but is a model of a type of ship called ‘flute’. I took lots of pictures at various stages of the building process, and they can be found here.

My most impressive project so far has been the construction of the Amerigo Vespucci, the training ship of the Italian navy. It is 130cm long, 90cm high, and 50cm wide. The display case that contains the model is massive, weighing in at 55kg. And the detail is astonishing: check out the pictures.