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Introduction I have been working on a fun project for a while: I am building a robot that makes a jigsaw puzzle. Earlier, I wrote a blog post  and one (detecting a jigsaw piece from a picture).  Starting from a photo of a jigsaw piece (see below), I now have a boundary (in green) around the piece.   […]

In a I described a really fun idea: can I make a RaspberryPi-based robot that can solve a jigsaw puzzle? The robot is supposed to know the current state of the puzzle, and has to drive around looking for the piece that is most likely to fit a particular open position in the puzzle. Once the piece is found, […]

A few weeks ago my parents came to visit, and my mother mentioned that she recently started making a jigsaw puzzle. Now, I happen to like jigsaw puzzles as well, but haven’t actually made one for fifteen years or so. Of course I can decide to start one, but I have too many hobbies already, and I really […]