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Today I ran into a bunch of issues when installing JSBin on Windows 10. The solution was simple, but time-consuming to figure it out. The basic install instructions are located here, and this is what I added: Be sure to use an older version of Node.js – I used version 0.10.41, but you can probably […]

I often use the Google Calendar on my HTC One M7 to add new appointments . My default reminder is set to ‘none’, but every appointment still ends up with a reminder. Very annoying, but somehow I never took the time to find a fix … until now! After some searching on The Internet, I […]

Now that my model of theĀ  is finished, I have some time for other hobby projects. This time I am going to create a wireless sensor network for monitoring the temperature and humidity in my house. My bathroom is very prone to fungus growth because of the humidity and theĀ  high temperature after taking a […]