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A few weeks ago my parents came to visit, and my mother mentioned that she recently started making a jigsaw puzzle. Now, I happen to like jigsaw puzzles as well, but haven’t actually made one for fifteen years or so. Of course I can decide to start one, but I have too many hobbies already, and I really […]

, I used a couple of Arduino Unos to make a sensor network in my home, measuring temperature and humidity. Unfortunately, the Unos use a lot of power and are completely unsuitable for battery-powered operation. Fortunately, there are many other options available and I will discuss two today: the Arduino Pro Mini, and the JeeNode. […]

In two previous posts ( and ) I reported on my progress in building a wireless sensor network in my home. I intend to use this network to monitor temperature and humidity in my apartment, particularly in my bathroom. The ventilation there is woefully underpowered, and the resulting humid air encourages growth of some sort […]