As a part of the Business Mathematics & Informatics master at theĀ VU University Amsterdam, each student is required to write a paper on a subject of his/her choice. I have written my paper on mathematical techniques that can be used for skill-based routing in call centers. The paper can be downloaded below, or from the VU University website.





Section 5.1.7 of the paper gave some surprisingly bad results. That section describes what happens with value iteration of the MMC example, when the representative set of state is a union of disjunct intervals. A few weeks after finishing the paper, I realised that there is an error in the Matlab code. In lines 91 and 104 I need to decide what to do when I need V_tilde_old in a state that is in between two parts of S_tilde. Naively, I decided to use the approximating structure V-tilde. But the structure is not nearly accurate enough yet to be useable. I should have done a self-transition at the boundaries of the disjunct intervals. This bug has not been fixed and it is very unlikely that I ever will fix it.