I’m a Data Scientist interested in machine learning, internet of things, preventive maintenance, blockchain, and reinforcement learning. I have a PhD in mathematics from VU University and Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, both in Amsterdam. Previously, I studied Mathematics at Leiden University (thesis) and  Business Analytics at VU University Amsterdam (thesis). In recent years I have been active as a Data Scientist at various companies, see my LinkedIn profile for details.

I enjoy working on data-inspired projects in industry. It is amazing how much value can be added by utilizing data to improve everyday business. Put together a thorough understanding of the domain, company, available data, data quality, IT, and algorithms and magic happens. Are you also interested in Data Science? Let’s connect on LinkedIn, on Meetup, or simply grab a coffee.

Of course, I have some hobbies as well. During the summer I usually take some time off to build one of my shipmodels, as can be seen on these pages. I also read a lot, and like watching tv-series.